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Updates on my work in Parliament and around the Constituency

Byadmin Jun 26, 2019

I welcome net zero carbon target, but still a long way to go

I started this week in Parliament by welcoming the change of target from 80% reduction in carbon emissions by 2050 to net zero carbon emissions b

Byadmin Jun 25, 2019

Supporting Shop Workers in Southampton

I'm supporting USDAW's Time for Better Pay campaign and I'd like to hear from you about your experiences working in retail in Southampton. Whe

Byadmin Mar 29, 2019

Yet Another Brexit Update

We are now in the absolute endgame of the great Brexit debate, but still without any clarity as to where we are actually going. That we should be

Byadmin Jan 24, 2019

An Update on Brexit

Some time has passed since I last updated you about Brexit. Events are moving fast on Brexit but I wanted to try and give you an update on whe