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Updates on my work in Parliament and around the Constituency

Byadmin Oct 19, 2018

Working towards Clean Air in Southampton

This month and over August I have been working on supporting our council with their Clean Air Zone consultation and other ways to clean the citie

Byadmin Apr 3, 2018

Supporting Staff at the University of Southampton

Members of Staff at Southampton University are currently on strike due to a dispute over pensions. I want to express my support and solidarity wi

Byadmin Mar 29, 2018

Shore to Ship Power

I am holding an adjournment debate this afternoon regarding shore to ship power and how the Government can support its introduction in ports acro

Byadmin Feb 2, 2017

My vote on triggering Article 50

The vote on the Second reading of the Government’s Article 50 Bill was not about whether parliament wanted a rerun of the referendum, but on wh