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Updates on my work in Parliament and around the Constituency

Byadmin Jan 24, 2019

An Update on Brexit

Some time has passed since I last updated you about Brexit. Events are moving fast on Brexit but I wanted to try and give you an update on whe

Byadmin Dec 4, 2018

What am I going to do about the E.U. vote?

Everyone will know now that, less than four months from the end of the period allowed for it by the unwise and premature triggering of Article 5

Byadmin Nov 28, 2018

White Ribbon Day 2018

November the 25th was White Ribbon day and over the next 2 weeks I will be wearing my white ribbon to raise awareness of the fact that two women

Byadmin Oct 19, 2018

Working towards Clean Air in Southampton

This month and over August I have been working on supporting our council with their Clean Air Zone consultation and other ways to clean the citie