Supporting Shop Workers in Southampton


Supporting Shop Workers in Southampton

I’m supporting USDAW’s Time for Better Pay campaign and I’d like to hear from you about your experiences working in retail in Southampton.

When USDAW surveyed their members working in shops across the country they found that 92% of workers had seen no improvement in their financial situation in the last 5 years and 76% of workers have had to take out an unsecured loan to pay the bills.

Many are on zero hour, or low hour contracts and don’t know how much work they are getting from one week to the next. Constituents have told me of being promised full time hours only for them to be cut back after busy times.

Shop workers keep the retail industry going and deserve better than this. I’m supporting USDAW’s calls for £10 minimum wage, 16 hour contracts for everyone who wants one, contracts based on an individuals hours of work and an end to zero hour contracts.

Do you or any of your family work in retail? Let me know if you’ve faced an of the above issues.  You can email me on

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