Monthly Archive August 2019


Asda’s shocking treatment of workers

I recently wrote to the Chief Exec of Asda to ask him to reconsider the current Asda policy of threatening staff with dismissal if they do not accept a new contract being imposed on them.

This new contract would see a flexibility clause being introduced which GMB Union and workers are particularly worried about as it may mean staff are made to work any place, any time without any say at very little notice.

It is unlikely to mean ‘flexibility’ in favour of the staff if for instance they need to care for children or elderly relatives. This is likely to disproportionately affect women as these caring responsibilities more often fall to them and they may have already worked their shifts around this.

Other issues are that bank holiday premium pay is being removed and extra holiday days for long service are being taken away.

Using fear of dismissal to force staff into signing new contracts is no way to negotiate new terms. Particularly not when 93% of respondents to a consultative ballot did not agree with the contract changes.

I am calling on ASDA to return to the negotiating table and rethink their threats of dismissal.